Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Medco Heads Up

Were you able to take advantage of any of the codes for $10 at Medco Health Store?  I did! I got my first order in the mail today!  There's nothing better than nearly free baby wipes!  I posted about this deal previously here and here.  As of now, all codes are dead.

Well, I have been hearing chatter that some of the codes were published incorrectly by Medco.  Here's what I have heard:

MHS10 - $10 off order
TENOFF - $10 off order
FIRST10 - published as $10 off, but should have been $10 off $30 order
DR10 - published as $10 off, but should have been $10 off $25 order

A few people have reported having the full cost of their order charged to their card even after the order showed the total with the $10 off.  I have not heard how the situation will be remedied by Medco.  I wanted to give you the heads up to watch your accounts so you can contact customer service should you be charged full price.  If you have your receipt (either printed out after ordering or emailed to you) then you can show the amount you should have been charged verses what was actually charged.  After the order process is complete, stores should not change totals though some stores have done this in the past. 

Let me know if you have any problems or charges and how customer service remedies the situation.


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