Come here to learn about how to build a stockpile and when prices are low enough to really stock up!

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    Here are pictures of my stockpile!  I hope to feature other people's stockpiles in the future!
    The view down into our basement to my stockpile

    My stockpile cabinet.  The toilet paper/paper towels are usually up on Rubbermaid containers to protect from our springtime basement river.

    Some of our toiletries - notice the toothpaste.  I just donated 7 tubes to charity (as well as 15 bottles of shampoo/conditioner that I had gotten free).

    My diaper stockpile.  I actually just took 2 packs out to put at each changing station. 
    Here are some pictures of our office stockpile.  I love using the shoe organizer over the door - we have just one small closet on the first floor and this has been quite a space saver!


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