Friday, February 26, 2010

Where Do I Find Coupons?

Coupons Inc.

Some coupons can be added directly to your shoppers card.  These coupons come off automatically at the register as items are scanned.  Make sure to sign up for these companies and check back every week or two for new coupons!  Print out a list of your coupons loaded for easy reference.
  • - log in using your cell number.  You will not be called, texted, or charged in any way.  Also, if you have internet on your phone, you can add other store (non-grocery) coupons right on your phone.
  • - this company is opposed to stacking a paper coupon with an electronic coupon
  • - these coupons don't take money off your total, but put money in an account for college savings or paying off a school loan (for yourself, children, family, or even friends).  You can also choose to enter credit card information so your purchases can be tracked at ANY retail or dining location for even more savings.  I did this years ago and had no problems but I currently do not have my credit card info listed.
  • - load ecoupons for pg&e products.  These update once per month.
  • - (check your own local grocery stores - thy may do something similar).  Load store and manufacturer coupons to your card.
Other coupon printing sites:
Other sources:
  • Hangtags - the little tags that hang from products in the store
  • Peelies - the coupons that are attached to products that are peeled off
  • Catalinas - the coupons that print at the register
  • Blinkies - the coupons that pop out of the machines with the blinking lights attached to store shelves
  • Free Samples - many free samples come with high value coupons
What do I do with all the coupons?
 Sometimes I find that I accumulate a ton of coupons that I know I will not use.  Do you find the same thing?  How can you maximize your savings when you have coupons you won't use?
  • Don't buy things JUST because you have a coupon - make sure you need and will use the coupons.
  • Trade coupons with friends.  Accumulate more of the coupons you need in a way that benefits all!
  • Join coupon forums and become a part of coupon trains.  Some great forums - Hot Coupon World  and We Use Coupons and A Full Cup
  • Take part in coupon giveaways on blogs - give away your coupon surplus and try to win more coupons!  
  • Be a coupon fairy.  Leave coupons in the store for products you will not use.
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