Sunday, March 14, 2010

Coupons: Have You Ever Ordered them Online?


Have you ever ordered coupons online?  Do you think ordering coupons online is silly?  A waste of money?  

Well, I thought the same thing.  I won a gift card giveaway contest on Melissa's Bargain Blog a few weeks back for  I had already started considering ordering coupons, so this was perfect timing.  Let me tell you, I am thrilled!

Why pay for coupons?
  • to get multiple coupons of items you need to stockpile
  • to get coupons that are not available in your area
  • to save money in the long run
How in the world does it save me money to PAY for COUPONS?  Don't the savings cancel each other out?

  • coupons only cost a tiny fraction of their face value
  • by purchasing several coupons for an item you use regularly, you can stock up on many more items while they are on sale
  • get multiple coupons that are *HOT* coupons for great freebies/cheapies!
  • by stocking up on items when they are on sale and by using coupons, you save a LOT more than the small out of pocket cost involved.
How does ordering coupons work?
  • I much prefer ordering through a service rather than through ebay although there are many reputable sellers on ebay (the legal terminology is collecting coupons and paying for the clipping service).
  • Simply click the icon at the top of the page to see what coupons are offered.  You can purchase individual coupons or full inserts.  
  • Set up an account.
  • Choose the coupons you wish to order.
  • Select shipping speed (I order early in the week and use the regular shipping and get my coupons by Wed or Thurs so plenty of time to do my deals.
  • Spread the word to friends - there are perks for referring friends!
Try it out!   Let me know what you think!


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