Monday, June 7, 2010

Use that Stockpile

I've talked a lot about ways to use our stockpiles.  Recently, I participated in Stamp Out Hunger and Couponing for Community.  Now, I have a new goal.  Yes, I am still saving up items for the next Couponing for Community event (I am hopeful for one next quarter).  However, I know that some items I stockpile could be used before then. 

I will be participating in sending a box (or more) of essentials to soldiers overseas.  It's amazing to talk to family members of those deployed and to learn how so many basic items are lacking.  Anysoldier is a great resource for what to send and where.

Here's a challenge to you.  Build your stockpile.  Grab the freebies/cheapies even if you won't use them.  Fill a box and send to a soldier who could really use it!  I'll be having link-up opportunities in the future.  My goal - to send 2 boxes by mid-July.  What do you pledge to send?


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