Here is a compilation and explanation  of various daily deal sites.  I love these sites because they offer such fantastic deals and usually have very low shipping!

Shop Daily Deals at Target.com. Always Free Shipping.

13 Deals - 13 deals each day.  Shipping charges stated on checkout page.  Pay via PayPal and credit card.

woot.com - One deal each day, flat $5 shipping!  There are several sites under the woot name that all work the same way.
kids.woot.com  - kids deals!
wine.woot.com - wine deals!
deals.woot.com/sellout -  all sorts of random deals
shirt.woot.com - the shipping is a little different here - free standard shipping, $5 faster or international shipping

Daily Checkout - Low shipping.  Daily Deal.  Offers side deals at great prices as well.

Sale 1 a Day - This site offers various deals each day by categories.  Definitely check this one out!

Toys.com is the Toys R Us/Babies R Us daily deals page.

Hanes Daily Deals


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