Thursday, January 28, 2010

Didja Know? CVS Coupons and Double Extra Bucks

Didja know?

There are so many great aspect to CVS, it's hard to know if you are REALLY getting all you can out of this wonderful store.  Well, today I want to give you all some insight into some CVS perks that you may not have known about.  If you are just starting out, check the tutorial here and here.

Didja know - 
You earn extra bucks for every purchase of CVS brand items you make?  You earn 2% on each purchase of CVS brand items.  Extra bucks rewarded quarterly.
Didja know - 
You earn extra bucks for each prescription you fill?  For every 2 prescriptions filled, you earn $1 in extra bucks.  Extra bucks rewarded quarterly.
Didja know - 
From January 17th 2010 - March 15th 2010 (starting with your enrollment), you can earn DOUBLE Bucks?  Click here to go to their website to enter your CVS card info to get started.  You can also take the coupon from this past Sunday's circular when you check out in the store.   Here are the details of the program:

Double Bucks Program Details

The program runs from January 17th through March 15th, 2010. Individual earnings start from the sign-up date. Extra Bucks will not be rewarded retroactively. Your Double Bucks earnings will be combined with your quarterly Extra Bucks payout, beginning April 1st.


Instead of earning 2% back on CVS brand items, your earnings will Double to 4% back.


Instead of earning $1 Extra Buck for every 2
prescriptions, your earnings will Double to $2 Extra Bucks for every 2 prescriptions purchased.
 Didja know - 
CVS offers coupons for their store brand merchandise so you can save even more!  I get links to the coupons through their email newsletter.  Here is a link to the current CVS brand product couponsCoupons also found on their main webpage.
Didja know - 
You can link your CVS card to your online account (which is how you get the wonderful email newsletter).  You will then be able to view your extra bucks (and, if, perchance, there is a problem with extra bucks printing that the manager cannot solve, you can contact customer service - the ability to view online is quite helpful).  You may also receive coupons for $/$$ through email!
Didja know - 
You can get money back just for using reusable shopping bags?  Simply purchase the green bag tag.  Click through to the CVS website for more information.  Simply purchase the tag (you just need one) for $.99 at the register.  Loop the tag around any reusable bag.  Present the bag/tag with your CVS card with purchase to be scanned.  $1 extra buck prints on your receipt every fourth visit (limit one use per day).

 And lastly (at least for now), Didja know - 
You can scan your CVS card in the store for extra coupons?  Many CVS stores now have a bright red coupon center kiosk (more stores are adding them weekly).  Simply scan your card, wait a moment, and take the coupons that print!  I have been able to scan multiple times in a trip - when you are out of coupons, it simply will not print anymore.


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