Friday, January 29, 2010

Vista Print and Amazon

Two great deals to take advantage of today.  I'll start off with Amazon.  Amazon is having an extra lightning deal going on today.  What is a lightning deal?  A lightning deal is a special sale on a specific item for a specific period of time - usually a few minutes to a few hours.   Prices are deeply discounted.  You can see the regular lightning deals on the left of this blog.

Today, Amazon is running a special Toys and Games lightning deal in addition to the regular deals!  To take advantage of these deals, just click through this Toys & Games Link and look for the gold box deals on the right hand side.

100 Mommy Contact Cards for $1.99

Now for Vistaprint!  What a wonderful company.  They have great prices, great service and fantastic products.  I have ordered MANY things from them including: business cards, photo calendar, photo flip calendar, photo book, and return address labels.  The quality is fantastic.  I love being able to customizemy work from my recliner.

Vistaprint has many deals to offer right now.  First of all, you can get 100 Mommy Cards for just $1.99 by clicking through the icon above.  What are Mommy Cards?  They are business cards for busy moms!

Free Shipping & 50% Off Most Products!

Click through this link above to access the 50% off sale on business items.  Also, if you click through you may be surprised at how many things are free or nearly free!  I love getting the free products so I can see if I want to order more.


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