Monday, September 28, 2009

Kroger Matchups, KMart Update, Coupons, and Organics

Here are some great coupons and deals for this week!

  • Vaseine Sheer Infusion is $7.99 at CVS with $7 in ECB's back through Tuesday.  Pair with this coupon for a freebie/moneymaker!  New to CVS shopping, check the details and how-to's on my past post here for part one and here for part 2!

  • Like Wheat Thins?  Snag this great coupon!  It is a Bricks coupon, so use your back button to print twice!

  •  For all of you Kroger shoppers out there, Coupon Mommie has a fantastic list of matchups for this week!  Stretch that budget!
  • Coupon Mommie also has a great list of natural/organic coupons.

  •  KMart is offering super doubles again this week where they double coupons up to $2.  There have been many rumors flying about and I wanted to clear things up.
  • KMart is not doubling just P&G coupons but all coupons.
  • Many local ads did not mention doubles even though they are participating plus many employees have no idea until after the event has started.  I emailed KMart and inquired and learned that mine IS participating.
  • Some stores are not sticking to the past 10-coupon limit.  Try it at your store and see!


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