Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Do you like trying new products?  Do you like giving your opinion about things?  Do you like making videos?  If so, ExpoTV may be for you!  I just recently signed up and am excited about all the upgrades to the program in the past few weeks. 

With ExpoTV, members upload video reviews of products.  You can choose to review any product or you may review a product as part of an assignment.  Assignment reviews offer incentive points for completion.  Incentive points can also be earned by answering questions by other members on products you own and have reviewed, uploading videos, referring friends, and taking surveys.  You can also enter monthly giveaways.

ExpoTV also offers the Tryology program.  Members are selected, after taking prequalifying surveys, to receive free products to try and review for points.  I took 2 prequalifying surveys today: one for a 100-calorie snack, and one for a blu-ray player! 

I have only been with this company for about a month, but I am excited at the potential.  I love giving my opinion and the videos are super easy with my macbook.  The point levels for rewards are low, so you can redeem your points fairly early compared to other companies.  

Click onover to ExpoTV and see what it is all about!


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