Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WFMW: Making Money Online

Our budget is tight.  TIGHT.  We need to tighten our belts even more this year with increases in health insurance costs, the need to replace a vehicle, plus an income freeze at Hubby's job (thus no cost of living increase for this year).

How will we find that extra money, especially with a new mouth to feed?  Well, I've been earning a few extra dollars online.  I am able to earn enough to pay for most gifts for the family.  I also use this money to pay for coupons I order that help me cut down the grocery budget.

What do I do?  I take surveys and participate in programs.  You can read all about what I do on the Online Income tab.  I want to showcase a few for you today to help you get started.

My very favorite program is Swagbucks.  It is basically a search engine that pays you to use it.  Earn money by doing what you already do online.  I have explained the basics of how it works in this past post.  To date, I have earned about $225 since March '09 just by searching the internet using this engine.

ExpoTv is another favorite program of mine.  By simply creating and posting  2 minute product review videos, I earn points that quickly add up to be swapped out for great prizes.  I just cashed out for a $25 iTunes gift card for a Father's day gift.  Want to learn more?  Check out this post.

Lastly, here are a couple survey companies that are reputable and are favorites of mine.
I love how these surveys and programs have enabled us to tighten out budget so I can remain at home with our kids.  It works for us!

Do you make money online?  How do you do it?


Judy said...

I've tried both Opinion Outpost and Mindfield and rarely, if ever qualify for their surveys. I have used Lightspeed Consumer Panels, Swagbucks and MyPoints, as well as Inbox Dollars, which have all worked well for me.

Thanks for the helpful post...I'll have to look into Toluna!

The Saved Quarter said...

Swagbucks is great for me. I've been able to rack up the bucks by putting any URL into the swag toolbar first - an extra step that gets me at least 10-15 bucks a day. I'm up to 3000 or so right now, after just a few months. I like Ebates and Surveyhead as well.

One thing you might want to note: the FTC requires that you make a note of affiliate links. It can be as simple as noting at the bottom of the post that these are affiliate links. I just learned about this and don't want you (or any other bloggers!) to have trouble because of the new rules.

Audra said...

Saved Quarter - thanks for the heads up. I do have a mention of links in my disclosure policy. I didn't realize it had to be in each post.

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