Thursday, July 8, 2010

Coupon for a Cause

I know that if you have been couponing for any length of time, you have extra STUFF that you won't use.  How many tubes of toothpaste will you REALLY use in a year?

What do you do with your surplus besides selling it?  Do you give it away?  Where do you donate?  What do you donate?  Have you sent goods to our soldiers through

With so many stories of improper coupon use out there and so many companies pulling back on coupon acceptance, I feel it is time to put a positive spin on couponing.  It's time to give.  Let's show our communities that we are helping others through our frugality.

Post details about your donations.  Post  links to blog posts detailing your giving.  Encourage each other to give what we don't need to those who really do.

Come back at any time to link your blog posts about Couponing for a Cause in TWO places!  Link up on this post and again on the Couponing for a Cause tab at the top of the page!  Let's spread the wealth and help others!


Melissa said...

I haven't blogged about it, but my family has given our "extra" health/beauty items to a food pantry and a center that helps single moms.

Karen said...

My mom works at a food pantry and I give her stuff we won't use. I also donate all of my diabetes monitors to a local dentist's office.

Audra said...

I wouldn't have thought of a dentist office!

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