Friday, July 16, 2010

Money Minute - Teach Children About Budgeting

Oh - it's such a heard lesson to learn.  Budgeting.  Self control.  Blech!  As I have budgeted more, I have learned how freeing budgeting is.  I know exactly what I can spend and can buy what I want as long as I stay in my limits.  No more fretting.  No more fighting.

Well, I just read about a great way to teach kids about budgeting and couponing.  First, you join the Nielsen Homescan panel.  Next, you get a fun scanning gun to scan your purchases. Lastly, upload your purchases each week.  Simple.

Now, how does that teach kids about budgeting?  Easy!  Talk to them about using budgets and let them scan the purchases.  How much fun would grocery shopping be if your kids could use a scanning gun just like the cashiers?

Now, what is Nielsen Homescan?  Well, it's the same Nielsen that does television ratings.  The Homescan panel is a way for Nielsen to see what people are purchasing.  They are a reputable company just looking for some more households to represent the US.

I tried to get in - made it all the way to the last step (really, it's not that hard at all - an initial survey and one follow up email or phone call to get you set up) and learned that I needed to have either a land line or a PC - we have cell phones only and run Macs) before learning we couldn't do it because of our technology situation.  I really wish we could be a part of this panel - it would be so much fun!


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