Friday, May 7, 2010

Couponing for Community: What Have You Given?

Well, the week is almost over.  We're coming up to Stamp Out Hunger very quickly!

How have you all been doing with donating items you've gotten free or nearly free from couponing?  Since I was released from bed rest this week, I was able to make a couple short trips to do a few deals!  I had just cleaned out my stockpile a few weeks back - I was able to make a few baskets to be auction items for a fund raiser for our local Children's Museum.  I didn't have much left to give at all especially considering that once our little baby is here, my shopping will be limited for a little while as well.

Anyway, I was able to come up with some items that I know will be helpful.  I haven't been able to distribute them yet, but hey, that gives me more time to get more stuff!
So, what have you given?  I'd love to see pictures.  I'd love to hear stories!  Check out my previous post for ideas and to link up your blog!  Feel free to email me photos over the next week or so - who says that giving has to end tomorrow?!?!

Don't forget to gather a bag (or more) of non-perishable foods to leave for Stamp Out Hunger!  Saturday morning!


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