Sunday, May 2, 2010

Couponing for Community: What Will YOU Give?

I have written in the past about blessing others by giving away the surplus from couponing and deal hunting.  Here is a great event to get us all kicked into gear to bless others once again!

I urge you to join in and begin Couponing for the Community this week.  How many bottles of shampoo do you have stockpiled?  How many will you actually use before the next great deal?  How many tubes of toothpaste?  Diabetes meters?  Razors?  Feminine products? Makeup?  Food products?

I challenge you to make a phone call or two.  Find an organization in your community that could use the products you have in abundance.  Try your local food pantry, shelters, clinics, service agencies - anything you can think of.  Is there a fundraiser for a local organization?  Could you put together a basket of goodies to help raise funds?  Does your church have a free store to help the community?  Give abundantly.

Take some time to put out a bag with non-perishable food products on Saturday, May 8th for Stamp Out Hunger.  I don't have a huge food stockpile, but I will be putting out at least a few cans!

Imagine the difference we could make in the lives of those struggling right now by paring down our excess, by giving abundantly.  We can bless the socks off our communities!

Get those coupons together and get out and shop!  Come back here to this post (I'll put the link in the right sidebar) and let me know how you were able to give!  Let's encourage each other in our giving!

If you are a blogger, feel free to link up here with your posts about this event.  Let's give abundantly and let's give sacrificially and let's change our communities with kindness!

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LittlePeopleWealth said...

This is such a great cause! I haven't written a post about it yet or I would link up, but I donate 90% of my stuff to the women's shelter. They even have diabetes meters on their wishlist. Getting ahold of those is like "taking candy from a baby" for us couponers (although go ahead and try to take candy from my toddler... who thought of that quote anyway!)

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