Monday, April 5, 2010

Order Coupons plus ExpoTV

Good morning!  Make sure you check out my recent posts about the Kmart super doubles event this week and save yourself some serious money.


MyCouponHunter has coupons posted from the 4/4 P&G BrandSaver!  Make sure to order those you'll need for the rest of the month right away!  The $4 razor coupons and Bogo Head and Shoulders coupons will go fast!

Do you like getting stuff for free?  I sure do.  Do you have a digital video camera or a webcam?  Do you like to give your opinions about products?  If all of those are true, ExpoTV may be right for you!

I'll admit that it has taken me awhile to really warm up to this site, but I am hooked.  I had 2 main problems. 
  1. I didn't realize there were limits to how many video reviews were awarded points and would wait til the last minute and then take my time making the best video I could (not that I'm suggesting you make a poor video).  I wouldn't check to see if the limit had been reached prior to spending my time on the video.
  2. I had a lot of trouble with my photobooth application (how I use my webcam) and got tired of getting out the regular digital camera and editing and transferring the video.  I now just record in iMovie and have not had any more problems.
Why am I hooked?  It is really easy to get points quickly and cash out of great prizes!  I am over halfway to a $25 iTunes gift card without much effort.  How can I get points?
  • Get points by taking quick surveys - usually 10 points - to see if you qualify for assignments.
  • Get points by uploading videos.  Please note that you do not get points for just ANY video you upload.  Certain assignments have point values attached plus certain items are needed for review so you can get points without an assignment - more details on this below.
  • Most Wanted Products - these products need reviews!  Points are awarded for approved videos for items in this section.  There are thousands of items so search around and see what you can review!
  • Tryology - ExpoTV hosts a Tryology program that is super fun.  Take a survey to see if you qualify for an assignment.  Tryology will send either product or a coupon for free product.  Try and then create a video and get your points and keep the free product!
Just for signing up, you get points:
  • completing profile = 25 points
  • connect with facebook = 10 points
  • uploading first video = 500 points
So, what can points get me?  

There are a bunch of prizes for just over 500 points so it is really easy to cash out!  Get a music download for just over 100 points!  For 600 points, cash in for a $5 amazon card.  The list goes on!

What do you have to lose besides a few minutes of your time?  Videos are usually around 2 minutes long and there are great tutorials to help you make a good video that will be approved.  Take a few minutes, sign up, and give ExpoTV  a try!


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