Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well, this seemed like a timely post for the day!  I spent most of the day yesterday in the hospital being monitored for contractions (every 5 minutes) while only 32 weeks pregnant.  Thankfully the contractions were stopped.  I get to be on bedrest for 48 hours then should be fine as long as the contractions do not start up again.  First goal - 34 weeks.  Next goal - 36 weeks.  If I make the 2nd goal, I'll be farther along than I was with Buggy!

On the subject of giving birth, I was selected by BzzAgent to promote a super-cute video called Babies that will premier in theaters Mother's Day weekend.  This movie chronicles 4 babies from around the world.

Check out the cuteness on the theatrical trailer:

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Anonymous said...

My best wishes goes out to you. I was on bedrest for all three of my pregnancies! Everyone turned out beautiful! Lots of hard work, though. My goodness, they are adults now. That is VERY hard. Keep in there...

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