Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kmart - Day 1

Ok - I lied.  I said I wouldn't shop today.  Well, we had our Easter festivities Saturday rather than today.  After a long family nap, we decided to do some window shopping that happened to be near Kmart so I did a first run.

I confirm that coupons are doubling up to $2 (so $4 off).  I used my shopper card and only bought 5 items (as per the rules).  I will say I was disappointed.  Our Kmart no longer carries the dog food we use (Rachael Ray Nutrish) and I had purchased a bunch of coupons to stock up during this sale.  Several other things we use that I had great coupons for were out of stock.  I was hoping to take advantage of the P&G prepaid mastercard deal by buying some Pampers night time diapers - our Kmart doesn't carry them.

I do have some good news for you though. 
  • Gillette Body Wash (big ones) are on sale for $4 each.  If you have the P&G for April, you should have a $2/1 coupon so this would be free
  • Pantene shampoo/conditioner is $4.19 each.  I had $2/1 coupons from Vocalpoint so I got two for $.40
  • The 24 ct Tylenol products are just over $4.  I had $2/1 coupons from the doctors office so that meant cheap tylenol.
  • Diapers are $9.99/pack for the Huggies and Pampers I saw (I may have missed something for some types)
I doubt I'll go back unless I am in town anyway since it is a bit of a drive, however, if you are close to one, there are many good deals to be had.  I was just a bit shocked that the prices are higher overall than at CVS or Rite Aid where I normally shop.  You may find differences since markets vary.  Oh - I also do tend to hold grudges against stores when I am upset about policies and such and I keep thinking about the bad coupon they put out.....   however, taking advantage of the double coupons and not getting other stuff is sort of a way of "sticking it to them......"  I know - very mature!  Haha!

Let me know your plan and what you score!  You may convince me to give it another try!


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