Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kmart Super Double Start Tomorrow

Kmart Super Doubles begins in the morning.  I won't be shopping tomorrow - it's EASTER!  Head over to Rediscovering Domesticity for more on this glorious holiday.

I promised some deal match-ups and coupon match-ups.  First of all, make sure you get your Kmart Rewards card (you can do this at customer service) or none of your coupons will double.  Secondly, pull out the high-dollar coupons you have or print some today (see links below).  Lastly, take this list of scenarios and start generating  a plan.

  • prices vary by region - these prices listed may not be exactly the prices in your store but they should be somewhat close
  • you can only double 5 coupons per day - the rewards card is in place to keep track of how many you use
  • you can shop each day this week to stock up on a few great freebies and to save on things you use every day
  • there are some great deals to be had even without doubling coupons - especially with P&G products that generate a $10 prepaid mastercard (save your receipts to submit for the $100 in P&G coupons once you spend $50 in P&G products - BEFORE coupons).
  • there is still a $10/$20 coupon floating around - Kmart issued this coupon on their website but only intended it for certain markets. Due to their own error, use of that coupon in areas other than intended markets is being deemed as fraud (despite Kmart's own mistake).  Most people have not been able to use these.  Most have been made to feel like criminals for Kmart's own mistake.  I don't recommend using this coupon should you find it unless you live in one of those small select markets. 
  • review the rules listed in my past post plus see if your store is participating
 Coupons to Print Now:

Coupons Inc.

  • $2/1 Nivea Body Wash
  • $3/1 Huggies Diapers (will not double but still will be a great deal at many stores - print before the limits are reached!)
  • $1/1 any Cascadia Farm product
  • $1.50/2 Frosted Mini Wheats cereal
  • $2/1 Robitussin To-Go 10-ct
  • $1/1 OptiFree Replenish
  • $1/1 Natures Bounty product
  • $1/1 Flintstones vitamin product
  • $1/1 Caribou Coffee
  • $2/1 Milk Bone Essentials Plus
  • $1/1 Cesar's Treats
  • $2/1 Filtrete Vacuum bags and filters
  • $2/1 Ester-C
  • $1/1 Real Simple magazine
  • $1/1 In Style magazine
  • $2/1 Penguin and the Pebble DVD
  • $2/1 Samilisan


  • $1.50/2 Select Kellogg's cereals
  • $1/1 Promise spread
  • $2/1 Prevacid 24 hr
  • $2/1 Goodlife Recipe food
  • $1/1 Isopure


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