Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Word of Mouth Marketing:

Awhile back, I signed up for a new word of mouth marketing program called   I got started and quickly became busy and forgot about it.  Well, just yesterday, a friend reminded me about the program so I checked in with my account.  It turns out that I had been invited into a campaign!

So, what in the world is word of mouth marketing?  
Word of mouth marketing (WOM) is a marketing tool that is very "in-style" right now.  WOM has always been the best way to spread the word about new products and services.  I know I am more likely to try something new when a friend tells me about it. 

How are companies using WOM marketing?
Companies have been looking for new ways to spread the word.  Many companies have paired with WOM marketing companies (such as, BzzAgent, HouseParty) to get the word out.  These companies send out free products and coupons to members who then try the products and spread the word, good or bad, about the product.  There are often incentives for spreading the word to as many people as possible.

How does fit in to all this WOM marketing?
  • There is no cost to be a agent
  • Agent receive brand new products to try and to talk about
  • Agents are rewarded in "smiles" for sharing their reviews.  There is no extra compensation for positive reviews so agents can feel free to be completely honest.  Companies in turn use the feedback to improve their products.  Reporting reviews is quick and simple on the website.
  • As agents improve their status (by participating in campaigns and sharing opinions), more rewards are available such as early invite into campaigns for more free products to try and to talk about
  •  There is no time requirement - the more active you are, the faster you can move up in status. Do what you can, when you can - no pressure
  • will not sell information or spam you
So, if you like trying new products and telling others about them, check out  They even have a referral program where you can be rewarded with more status when your friends sign up under you!  Can't hurt to try it!


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