Monday, February 22, 2010

Unveiling New Blog Layout


Today is the official unveiling of my new blog layout!  Come on in - I'll show you around!  This post will remain in the sidebar to refer back to as needed.  Just a note - the blog will change every few months - I'll try to reflect changes on this page!


The biggest change has been the blog's focus.  I will be focusing on helping you learn how to maximize savings and to manage your money well.  I will no longer be writing my own coupon match-ups.  Other bloggers do a much better job.  I will continue to post great deals as I find them.


The next big change has been the addition of the tabs at the top of the page.  Let me walk you through those tabs.  There is a chance that the tabs may change a bit as things fall into place - as a way to streamline the site and make it easier to use.

Home - This tab will always take you right back to the main page should you get lost in searches.

About - This tab explains who I am and why I am blogging as well as how to contact me via email.  I have my email address written out as a way to prevent spam from web crawlers.  Simply remove spaces, substitute the @ symbol and the . symbol, and you have the email address.

Coupons - This tab is a great resource for beginner information on coupons plus various places to get more coupons. You will find a list of common coupon terminology with explanations, links to electronic coupons, and links to coupons to print.  Coming soon - a guideline to ethical coupon usage (the few who abuse coupons have caused some stores to shy away from various types of coupons such as internet printables or coupons for free items).

Stores - This tab gives tutorials for how to maximize savings at specific stores, lists blogs that specialize in coupon match ups for those stores, lists special deals for the stores where I am an affiliate (they email me deals that may not be available elsewhere).

$$ Minute (Money Minute) - This tab is where to go to find simple and quick ways to save a little money.  Money minute posts are just a couple paragraphs long with a focus on just one or two ideas.  It's money management in bite-sized pieces!

Daily Deals - Many stores and companies offer one special deal each day at a deep discount.  This tab is a compilation of direct links to many of these companies.  Check back each day to see what is on sale!  Many deals are at 50% savings or greater! (Also, you can check the Amazon lightning deals widget in my left sidebar for even more deals).

Diapers - This tab will detail ways to save money on purchasing diapers.

Stockpile - This tab is dedicated to links to posts about the why and how of growing a stockpile of groceries and toiletries as well as pictures for ideas of how to store items.

Programs - This tab details various money-saving programs that I participate in.  You can also find information of trial programs that offer trials of products for reviews of these products.  I use all of these programs - feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Surveys - This tab lists each survey company I use or have used plus my review of that site.  I have been able to make a bit of money by taking surveys (around $25/month at this point) from home.  Between surveys and Swagbucks, we paid for Christmas gifts last year spending less than $100 out of pocket.

Of Note

Here are some other parts of the site that may be helpful to you:

  • Search box - type in what you are looking for and search the site for helpful information
  • Subscribe in reader - I get overwhelmed with all the blogs I read.  I use the reader bloglines to organize the blogs and get recent posts of all the blogs all in one place.  There are many readers to choose from.  If you subscribe, my posts will appear in your reader.
  • Grab My Button - If you blog, feel free to grab my button for your site!  It is a direct link back to Penny Pinching Penguin.
  • Assistance for Haiti - I don't want people to forget that the people of Haiti still need our help.  Check out the past posts linked here for more ideas and information.
  • Networked Blogs - I am part of Networked Blogs on Facebook.  If you are on Facebook, feel free to follow me there.
  • Blog Topics - This is a quick reference for posts on various topics to help you find information quickly.
  • My Other Blog - I run a blog dedicated to becoming a better homemaker, Rediscovering Domesticity.  Check it out!
  • Amazon Lightning Deals - Amazon's hottest time-sensitive deals are posted in this widget which automatically updates!  
  • Offers - These are companies that I am an affiliate for.  Basically, they support my site for me advertising on my site.  I don't just post any ads.  I will not post anything that I wouldn't/haven't used myself.  If you ever have a problem with any of these offers, please contact me!
  • Followers - You can follow me and this blog directly through google for free to help you stay updated if you choose.
  • Facebook Fan Page - I now have a fan page on Facebook.  This page lets me announce new posts right away plus will send posts to Twitter.  I have a forum/discussion board on the fan page as well to help as we all learn to grow in financial awareness.
  • Swidget - The Swidget is part of Swagbucks.  You can sign up for Swagbucks through the swidget, search, shop, and be notified of free swagcodes with the swidget. 
I hope you enjoyed your tour!  Take your time - take baby steps!  Don't be discouraged if you get burned out from time to time - it happens to everyone!  I welcome feedback through comments and through email!


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