Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday

Labor Day.  Supposedly a day to rest from our labors.  Not so around here (and most everywhere else according to Facebook statuses)!  We tackled 2 smaller projects at our home.  For us, this was a big accomplishment.  Doing much in the way of housework with a near-toddler around and with all three of us having colds is pretty difficult.

Project One - Fix the Bed
We had a surprise when we moved in last year.  Our house is old.  Nearly 100 years old.  That wasn't the surprise.  We were surprised when we learned our queen size box spring would not fit up the stairs.  The mattress barely fit.  HUBBY barely fits!  The ceiling is just too low at one point.  We had to find a set of split box springs in a hurry.  New surprise - our current bed frame cannot have split box springs.  So ..... back to the furniture store for a new bed frame.

Fast forward one year.  The bed is, um, squeaky.  Even simply putting the laundry basket on the bed causes an eruption of noise.  Not good when a lightly sleeping baby has his room across the hall with no door. 

We took the mattress and box spring off.  Hubby did some magic to get the frame square.  I did some magic with the vacuum cleaner to erase all the dog fur (under the bed is her "den").  An hour later, the room has been deep cleaned and the bed is quiet!

Project Two - Tackle Lighting/Noise Issue in Baby's Room
Like I said, Baby's room has no door.  The crib has been on the wall right in line with the door.  It just looks so NICE there!  At this point, I would rather have more sleep then have the room look so NICE.  While Hubby entertained Baby, I moved some furniture around.  Now Baby's crib is in the farthest corner out of the reach of the hallway light.   He even has more floorspace now in which to scatter his toys.  The best part?  It still looks NICE!

Did you do a project this weekend?  Head over to 5 Minutes for Mom and add yours to the Tackle it Tuesday list!

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Susie said...

Awesome tackle! Sleep over style is what I say:-)

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