Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Freebies, Deals, and Coupons

In case you were wondering, my Gratituesday post has been moved to my other blog.  I am in the process of streamlining things to become more organized and efficient.

Yes, that is a picture of my baby brother feeding a giraffe.  He met a gal who works with giraffes at the zoo.  She was kind enough to take him on a "behind the scenes" tour this weekend!  How cool is that?

Here are some great deals for you!
  • $1.00 coupon for Wet Ones
  • $2/1 coupon for Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers or Frozen Entree
  • Coupon match ups for Kroger's 10 for $10 sale
  • Register with Vocalpoint (an awesome word of mouth marketing company that doles out tons of freebies and great coupons) and try Secret Clinical Strength for FREE!
  • Get your free 2010 Wildlife calendar
  • Kohl's online sale - 11am - 4pm EST TODAY ONLY! Save an extra 20% on orders of $100 or more plus free shipping by using the code SEPT20EDT.  Or, save an extra 15% on any purchase with the code SEPT15EDT.
  • http://www.6pm.com/ has their 80% off sale!  Items are going fast!  Get UGG boots for $25!  Hurry!
  • Save up to $130 at Rite Aid by watching short videos
  • 50 Albums for $5 Each


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