Monday, September 7, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

Well, I succeeded in not going to Kroger for an entire week!  I have a small list to purchase this week.  Other than that, we are living out of the pantry.  We have plenty of chicken and beef, so with a plan, we should have no problem!

Monday - Chicken Quesadillas
Tuesday - Beef Stroganoff
Wednesday - Chicken and Dumplings - no, I never actually made this last week.  Let's give it another try!
Thursday - Beef enchiladas
Friday - Frozen pizza
Saturday - Manwich
Sunday - Burgers

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darnold23 said...

I hope you will soon join me for Crock Pot Wednesday. Not only is it free, it's just a fun thing to do. I will look forward to your post on with Mister Linky.

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