Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday - Crock Pot Tip

I hate having a hot house in the summer. I am currently enjoying a vastly cooler summer here in the mountains of West Virginia compared to the plains of Nebraska. Still, I hate a hot house. I also hate spending the money to cool it! So, I try to use my crock pot a lot in the summer. It saves energy. It's good for the environment. It produces much less ambient heat than the oven. It makes for a super easy meal!

Downside - cleaning the darn thing. I have been known to put the lid back on and let it sit for a couple days until the smell is even making the dog run away. I hate cleaning the crock pot.

I have found a simpler way to do this nasty task. Just a few short steps and the crock pot is gleaming!

  1. empty all the gunk while it is still warm - chicken parts are much less gross before they congeal at the bottom of the crock
  2. fill the crock with water just past the line of gunk on the crock
  3. add a little dish soap and a splash of lemon or vinegar
  4. turn crock pot on and let the water heat through
  5. about an hour or two later, CAREFULLY wipe the sides (I use a brush with a long handle since the water will be HOT)
  6. dump out the water, rinse and wipe down
  7. your crock should be nice and shiny!


Bobbie said...

I have not tried that- but I will. Have you seen the corck pot liners? Also- you can spray Pam before you cook and that helps a little. Thanks for tip!

Daniel and Cerissa said...

I hate cleaning them too! I usually fill 'em up and let it sit for a couple days until I can't stand the smell. Next time I am definitely adding soap and heating it up. Thanks!

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