Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Link List

I want to share a bunch of links with everyone. Some are good deals, others are just good reads! Also, a heads up - K-Mart is reported to have a lot of toys on unmarked clearance at up to an extra 50% off! The sale price rings up when scanned. Check your local K-Mart and try the self scanners before going to the registers!

  • Blazing Center post on battling self pity
  • Easy Meals for Moms blog - great easy and healthy recipes!
  • Details on the K-Mart toy sale are HERE, however, the coupon posted has been reported to be declined at many stores although others will take them.
  • Details on a 48 hour sale for Southwest Airlines HERE - ends 7/9/09
  • Great blog dealing with biblical femininity - check out Girltalk!


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