Sunday, June 14, 2009

Old Navy Shopping

Now, I have not been an Old Navy fan. I am quite petite at not even 5 feet tall, so most of their clothing doesn't fit me right. Well, I have become more of a fan recently. First of all, I am no longer a teacher so more casual clothes work in my lifestyle. Secondly, I have discovered great ways to spend virtually no money and get clothes. I realize that the quality of Old Navy clothing isn't the greatest, but spending $2 on a sweater allows me to wear the sweater one season/year until it is worn out then replace it. How does this work? I have a few simple guidelines!

  • Old Navy Weekly. This website hosts a hunt for coupons each week. Each week, the site is reloaded with great coupons ranging from 15% off one item to $75 off of $100 purchase. To get a coupon, you click around the website. Sometimes items must be moved. Sometimes you need to watch a video and click something in the video. At one time there was a bbq grill that had to be clicked until smoking then the smoke had to be clicked to reveal the coupon. Hardcore bargain hunters have finding coupons on this website down to a science. The high dollar coupons tend to go quickly. Check on SlickDeals for information on when the site might reset with new coupons (Old Navy has been changing things up a bit) and where the coupons might be found.
  • Shop the clearance. I LOVE the Old Navy clearance! I will not pay more than $5 per item. That's my rule. I wait until clearance items are around $2 - $3 then I purchase. Items are usually out of season, but this is a great time to stock up for next year! I did find that the little boy clothes went quickly in clearance.
  • Shop the special sales. Occasionally, Old Navy will offer sales on particular items. I was able to hit the graphic T-shirt sale this summer for 2 T's at just $3 each!
  • Do the survey on the receipt. Receipts usually have an offer for a survey. It is so simple - just a phone call. There is no human to speak to, just computerized answers through your touchpad. At the end of the survey, you are given a code to write on the receipt. You have 90 days to use that receipt and get 10% off your purchases. Simple!
Happy bargain hunting!


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