Monday, June 15, 2009

Awesome Mail Day!

Well, I was excited yesterday when the mail came. We received a check for $23 from Allstate as a reward for our clean driving records. That will pay for a special birthday lunch my hubby is taking me to on Friday. Today's mail was so much better! Here is what came:

  • free sample of Kotex overnights
  • free sample of Huggies Pull-ups
  • check for $8.xx from Opinion Outpost surveys
  • check for $150 from the local university where I filled in as a French horn player for a concert and recording session!
That money is already earmarked for MY OWN PERSONAL USE!! I have great plans for this money - my first pair of new glasses in 6 years! I have needed glasses for the past 4 years but they just weren't in the budget. I will be posting on my eyeglass adventures. I will get an exam at a local doctor covered under our vision insurance. I will get my glasses from an online retailer. I'll keep you posted!


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