Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Money Minute - 5 Quick Money Saving Tips

Have you ever wondered what little things around the house you could do to keep more green in your wallet?  I've got 5 quick tips for you. These have made a difference at our house!

  1. Plan It - Use the sales circular each week to plan out meals.  Buy just what you need and stick to it. I plan 2-3 extra meals per week in case our finicky taste buds decide they don't want what was planned. Menu planning alone has cut $50 - $75/month off our grocery budget.
  2. Unplug It - After charging electronics, unplug the cord.  To make this easier, try using a surge strip.  Plug electronics into surge strip.  When charged, unplug the whole surge strip rather than single electronics.
  3. Cut It - See where you can cut back with the amount you use.  Can you use just a little less shampoo each time? Can you use half the fabric softener? Can you use that razor just ONE more time?  It's amazing how much the little things add up.
  4. Hoof It - When you are shopping at open air malls or shopping plazas, park in a central location.  Make a quick trip back to the car between stores but don't move the car until it is just too far to walk.  Save on gas and wear on the car. Help your starter last a bit longer! Burn a few calories in the process.
  5. Maintain It - By spending a little to properly  maintain your vehicles and appliances, you will improve performance and efficiency, extend the life, and avoid expensive catastrophes.
How do you save money around the house?  Let me know in the comments!  I may use your tips in my upcoming eBook and I will give you credit and link to your blog!

This post is shared at We Are THAT Family as part of Works For Me Wednesday.  Check out more great tips there!


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