Monday, June 21, 2010

Money Minute - Golf Equipment

My husband got some golf clubs as a father's day gift this year.  My father had gotten a high-end set as a gift and wanted to bless Hubby with his other (still very good) clubs.  The set, however, was lacking a few things.  He needed a driver, putter, and a bag.

Being the penny pinchers that we are, Hubby shopped around for the best deal for those items.  He ended up getting all three things - very good name brand ones at that - for a total of $40!  His advice for those searching for a good deal:
  • know the names - take a little time to know what name brands/models are known for quality and which ones are not
  • shop all the stores in the area to see what is offered - many pro shops sell used gear as well as new gear
  • decide what is more important to you: an item being newer or an item having a better brand name
  • wait for a sale
  • haggle - ask if that's the best price you can get
  • pair sale with any coupons you may have
Hubby got his gear at Play It Again Sports.  The cashier encouraged haggling.  He was very helpful.  Hubby decided on more worn name brand gear over newer/less used cheaper gear.  He was able to negotiate a great price and was given a discount equal to a coupon that would come out this weekend.

Happy shopping!


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