Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week In Review - 5/9/10

I wanted to highlight a few things from this past week that you may have missed.  Stay tuned for a list of the deals for this week!  Those will be posted shortly.

First, a reminder about the 5-pack Custom Handmade Greeting Card (You Choose Occasions and Sentiments) giveaway plus FREEBIE with order!

Make sure to enter - giveaway ends Monday evening!  Low entries so you have a GREAT chance of winning!  What a great way to get cards for all the events coming up this summer - parties, showers, birthdays, graduations, and more!  Don't worry about giving the same card as someone else - you'll have totally unique and beautiful cards!


Coupons Inc.


UPDATE!!!  There is ANOTHER way to get 2 $3 Huggies coupons!  See below how to print 2.  Also, go to the Facebook Fan Page to print two more (use your back button)!!!  Score!  These coupons expire at the end of the month.

Wow!  I am so excited about this!  The $3 Huggies coupon is back!  Make sure to print it twice per computer to maximize your savings!  Hang on to these for a great Huggies deal that I am sure will be coming soon.  Keep your eyes peeled on the Target coupons for potential stackable savings there.  Here are some other great coupons to snag while you are at it:

Make sure to join diaper reward programs if you have a little one in diapers (or if you are getting many for friends, family, or to donate).  Points can be redeemed for many things including free diapers!

Be aware of a fraudulent coupon going around right now.  Coupons like this wreck havoc for those of us who are trying to legitimately save money.  Stores are quick to refuse to take ANY coupons or will just ban internet coupons - either way, it's not good for us!  Pass along this info so these "too-good-to-be-true" coupons which are fake do not get circulated anymore.  If you ever have questions about a coupon being too good to be true, simply email or call the company to be sure.  They issue coupons to increase sales and to win new customers - they don't want to be taken advantage of and appreciate the inquiries!

Lastly, check out the details on how to properly stack coupons so you save the most while following all the rules (so companies don't stop offering great coupons and so stores don't stop taking coupons).

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LittlePeopleWealth said...

They have had lots of great diaper coupons lately!

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