Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fraudulent Coupon

As you all know, I am a stickler for using coupons correctly.  We can all win and save money when we play by the rules.  Those who don't are causing companies to issue fewer coupons or stores to stop taking certain coupons.

I wanted to post a heads up about a fraudulent coupon that has been circulating the web.  Please do not use this coupon - it is not legit.  Stores that take this coupon will not be reimbursed.  It is coupon fraud and it is illegal.

Pass this info along to your friends so that word spreads and this fraudulent coupon stops being circulated so we, who use coupons legally, can continue to get great deals!

I posted just a portion of the coupon so that nobody would misunderstand and try to print and use it!  Check out all the details on snopes about this fake and illegal coupon.


I had to post another fraudulent coupon that is out right now - this one just made me smile.  It is a total example of how some things are just too good to be true!


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