Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Offers Galore: Cinco de Mayo, Home Depot, Mothers Day, more

I bring to you today many offers.  When I do offers like this, I use a secondary email address just to keep my main inbox nice and tidy.  I do love doing offers like this!  There are often great coupons involved or free products/downloads.

I wish we had a Home Depot close to us.  I always see these great email lists to join that offer great coupons, but there isn't one close.

I don't have experience with this next offer personally - but I have tried to get on a Nielsen panel in the past.  It turns out that we needed to have a land line and/or a PC for that panel.  For this panel, the requirements are: Panelists must have a rotary Land Line Phone, not connect to VOIP.

Join the National Consumer Panel & You Could WIN CASH & PRIZES!
Get rewarded for your opinions! Here's your opportunity to influence the products that companies make and sell. Retailers and manufacturers need people like you to give their input to improve their products. As a National Consumer panel member, you could also win cash and other great prizes like a new car or luxury vacation.

I LOVE cookbooks - especially when they are free!  Check out this free download of 27 great recipes in honor of Cinco de Mayo!

Mother's Day is fast approaching.  Make sure to download these free ebooks just in time! 


And finally, here's a great deal on flowers for Mom this Mother's Day!



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