Saturday, May 29, 2010

Free Photo Books!

Well, we are about to come into a new month.  Make sure you have taken advantage of your free photo book from HotPrints for May before the month ends!  I finally sat down and did a couple (April and May) and was happy.  The book itself is soft cover with regular paper pages, but the color is great.  For a completely free book, I couldn't ask for more!  The software wasn't the easiest to use but I was able to customize each page.

How do they offer free books?  Photo books come with one page of advertisements.  These were placed in the center of the book and very easy to remove.

I wanted to pass along some exciting information.  I just received an email from HotPrints regarding changes to their free photo book program.  Details are below:
Coming soon: 4 free photo books per month for all customers worldwide.
Since December 2009, we have been able to offer our customers in the UK, US and Canada one free photo book per month including free shipping & handling. We continued this offer until the end of April 2010.
Following some analysis in May, we are happy to announce our new offer terms which will be effective from 1st June 2010. All of our customers worldwide can enjoy 4 free photo books per month and they only need to pay for shipping & handling charges. This is all possible by support from selected advertising partners.
We're sorry if paying for shipping & handling is disappointing for some people. The shipping & handling charge worldwide is only US$2.99 per book, which is an industry standard rate.
We have really appreciated your support over the last few months and will continue to strive to bring the best offers we can to all our HotPrinters all over the world.


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