Friday, April 9, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party '10 is HERE!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Who doesn't love a good party?!?!  I know I do!  I love blog parties just as much as regular parties - I just wish blogs served funnel cake!  (Two strange pregnancy cravings this time around - funnel cake and beer!)  Check out this party page, my party page on Rediscovering Domesticity, and pages on hundreds of other blogs (just click the icon above).  You don't want to miss out on all the fun!  You don't have to be a blogger to join in!

Welcome to the Penny Pinching Penguin blog!  I invite you to take off your shoes, relax, and look around awhile.  Check out the tabs at the top of the page.  Get to know what this blog is all about.  I have a few giveaways going on this week.  Check out all the stuff happening in the sidebars.  Make sure to become a fan on Facebook (see the sidebar) to get special deal alerts that are not featured on this blog.

What is Penny Pinching Penguin?

This blog is designed to help you get control of your finances through saving money.  Come learn along with me how to cut your grocery spending in half.  Learn how to never pay for shampoo again.  Learn how to use web programs such as Swagbucks to compliment your gift budget.  Learn practical tips in just minutes to save on utilities.  Learn how to never pay full price for diapers again.

Who am I?

Well, I have a lot of pictures and information under the "About" tab at the top of the page.  Basics - I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, musician, and all-around happy person.  I started blogging while we were struggling to make ends meet as a way to share what I was learning about saving money.  I get really excited about only paying $3 for a jumbo pack of diapers or just $.50 for a big tube of Crest toothpaste.   I have a fantastic husband, an 18-month old son, a furry pooch, and another boy due in May (and hopefully not coming too soon!). 

So, what is a party without a party favor?  

Make sure to enter my giveaways listed below and on the sidebar of this blog and on my Penny Pinching Penguin blog - lots of freebies to be had!

Everyone is welcome to download this great scripture memory song free of charge!  Make sure to take a gander at Seeds Family Worship who has graciously offered this free download.

Make sure to enter all of my giveaways - it just takes a moment!  Update - Giveaways are now closed.  Click to see the winners!
Peruse these past posts that may interest you:
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    • More Money Minute posts
    • A Walk Through Baby Steps to Financial Freedom
    • Triple Coupon Updates
    • Maintaining a Tight Budget With 2 Under 2
    • Walk With Me as I Shop Feature
    • More Frequent Giveaways
    • Email Digest Updates
    I just posted an update to the crazy end of this pregnancy.  I need some help.  I would love to talk with you if you'd be interested in writing a guest post or two.  I would love to talk with you if you do shopping scenarios - I am looking to link up to more bloggers and scenarios.  Please email me at penguinelk at yahoo dot com of you are interested in chatting about helping!

    Now for even more fun!  Go ahead and visit the 5Minutes4Mom blog party site (click the icon at the top of the page) and hop through to other party posts.  Comment on 20 different blogs and be entered to win some fantastic prizes!  Here are some prizes I'd love to win!
    • 10 - Young Living Essential Oils Stress Away Roll-on
    • 19 - Prize Pack of Preschool Toys
    • 23 - $50 gift cert. for monogrammed gifts
    • 30 - Nest Egg pilow
    • 37 - $20 Visa gift card
    • 48 - Pampered Chef goodies
    • 52 - $25 Amazon gift card
    • 55 - $20 Amazon gift card
    • 67 - DaySpring's Blessing Blocks
    • 70 - $25 Kroger Gift Card
    Basically, I would LOVE to win any of the Amazon, Kroger, Paypal, or Target gift cards or any other prize that seems suitable for a Christian momma of a toddler son with another son on the way!


      Tethered Mommy said...

      Aren't you excited to party?! I look forward to having you inspire me in spending less and getting more. Great to meet you!

      Maggie at tethered mommy dot com

      Denise said...

      Nice to meet you! I am stopping by from UBP10. Great blog! I am following you!

      Frantic Holly said...

      Love your site name! Congrats on the new addition hope he stays put for a few more weeks.

      jskell911 said...

      Just bounced on over here from your other blog (via the party)- and added you on GFC and FB!

      Susieqtpies said...

      Stoppin’ in on the #ubp10 hop!! Love your blog and I’m your newest follower, FB Fan and twitter follower and Networked blogs follower!!! I love meeting new peeps! Love your post! Congrats on the new baby! I love lil ones! Mine are all tween/teens. So happy to find your blog!

      @Susieqtpies at Scraps of Life (

      Whoohoo! I’m linked up! I’m #584, #254 and #374!!! Oh yeah! It is going to be a fun week!!!

      Deanna said...

      Hi! Stopping through from UBP10! Hope one of us wins the gift cards, I want the same ones! :) Have fun!

      ♥ Deanna/

      Saint Shellie said...

      Great blog!! We seem to have a lot in common. Will follow you for now on!

      Oh, am visiting from the blog party!!


      Kristen said...

      Ah! I recognized the picture and have already been to your other blog! I hear so much about the Swagbucks--is it really worth the time it seems to take? I'd love to know!

      Came by from the UBP! Hope to see you at my place!

      Haydensmommy05 said...

      Hi! I am stopping in from the UBP! You have a nice blog and I am now a new follower on google friend!

      Kendra said...

      Hi there! Stopping by from the UBP and like your blog. :-) I will definitely be stopping by again!

      Carrie said...

      Good luck with the new baby- how exciting!

      Just dropping by from the UBP. It's nice to find your blog!

      Marina@EBMR said...

      Hiya! Marina here (From Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports)

      Love the blog and am now following! Can't wait to read more!! I'm due in May too...25th...what about you?

      Hope you have a great time over at the UBP 2010. Do hop over to visit me when you get the time. (Psst...Secret....If you love giveaways...I've quite a few live!!!....;>)

      Tina Hollenbeck said...

      Hi. I stopped by your other site, too. :^)

      Lauralee Moss said...

      I get really excited about making my coupons work for me and piling them together with sales. You are not alone!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! :) Nice to meet you.

      Spoiled...but Not Rotten said...

      Joining in the UBP! I have a frugal blog as well! Nice to meet you!

      Janene said...

      Have a good time partying with UBP10. Stop by if you get a chance And see what we have to help you Stop Drop and Relax. Visit out store at and Prepare To Be Pampered.

      Coupon Teacher said...

      I decided that I had better come check you out! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! I am now a follower!

      Jeanine said...

      nice to meet you. looking forward to "partying" with you :)

      Christina said...

      Christina - - Very lovely site! I'm a non-blogger (but a blog READER) here for the UBP! I'm also a poet, artist, journalist, did a local TV program on the arts, and am now doing reviews for and, the ones that say Written by Christina on the top and bottom of the review!

      Fruitful Vine2 said...

      Hello again. Hope you're enjoying the party.

      dealightfullyfrugal said...

      Stopping by from the UBP-Have a great weekend.

      Alyssa said...

      Another penny pincher after my own heart! WHOOOT!

      Melissa said...

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you're enjoying the UBP. I had fun with it last year! :)

      Dayngr said...

      Hello again!

      HerMedia said...

      ohhh I LOVE penguins :)
      Just cruizing through some of the blogs at the party :)

      Good luck!
      Karrine My Ultimate Party Post

      Carolyn G said...

      Happy Blog Party! Great site. Love the Penguin. But love the fact you give tips on saving $$ better!

      L Harris said...

      I found you through the UBP! So glad I stopped by!

      Tink412 said...

      Hi, I'm stopping by & the penguin caught my eye......but what you do is going to keep me coming back....a LOT! I love what you do & what you believe! This is turning out to be a great party! Well, it's my first,but it's a good first! I'll be back!Thanks

      Tamara B. said...

      Blowing in from the UBP to say hi :)

      Safe Home Happy Mom said...

      Happy UBP Party!!! I love your blog honey.....I am now following on Google Friend Connect. Feel free to stop by mine as well at

      This is way fun than I thought, meeting new blogs I didnt even know exist! I will be reading up on archives all night long.

      Jeannette said...

      Welcome to the party! I hope you are having fun!

      Here are my blogs if you want to check them out.

      FrugalMom said...

      Hi there! I'm stopping by for the party. I too love to save, and with three growing boys I keeping getting more reasons to do so.

      Terri said...

      Just dropping by on my hop around the UBP and wanted to say hi. Congrats on your soon to be new-arrival!

      Strawberry Kids said...

      Found you through the Ultimate Blog Party 2010!
      I am Teri the mom behind Mom to Bed By 8!
      I signed up to follow you and will continue to enjoy reading your blog.
      Please take a moment to visit me as well, hopefully you will do the same.

      Ashley said...

      I'm a homeschooling SAHM mom of two littles (3 & 1.5). I'm a born-again Christian, and I'm currently working on my MA in Ministry. I'm not your typical "mommy blogger", but I enjoy reading mommy blogs just the same.

      Happy UBP!

      annaed_2 said...

      Hi there! I'm surfing the UBP10 too! I'm a mom to three wild boys! ;-) And am always looking for ways to save a dollar or two. Have a great day! DeAnna

      lovelyritaann said...

      Hey! Hello again!

      Feel free to come by my blog and read my Ultimate Blog Party ’10 post!

      Become a reader & stay informed of upcoming giveaways!

      jackie said...

      New follower from UBP! I'm always looking for good coupons and deals. Like you, I get excited when I pay almost nothing for a lot of stuff. I actually organized all my freebies (or close to free items) yesterday. I was running out of space.
      Looking forward to reading your blog.

      Merry said...

      Stopping by from UBP10! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. I hope you'll stop by my blog tho I will understand if you are too busy!

      Shana@My3Wiseman said...

      Popping in from the UBP! Nice to "meet" you! :o) Hope you can stop by my party sometime this week.

      joeandbridge said...

      Hi there! Just popping in from the UBP to be your newest Google Follower! Hooray! Hope you had a great weekend and have a great week! Swing by my blog when you get a chance!

      Bridgette Groschen
      The Groschen Goblins

      Jess said...

      Hey there I love this blog! I did join the party!

      Thank you for the heads up about it!

      Jenn said...

      Hope you are having lots of funnel cake!! :) Hope you are having fun at the UBP!

      Jenni ("Miss Tutu")
      My UBP blog post: How to Make a Tutu blog - hope you will stop by and say hi! :) and Mom Blogger $100 Cash Contest

      Felicia said...

      Stopping by from UBP to say hello!! :)

      dcg2u said...

      Nice to meet you. I am UBP 2.160 - This whole idea is great! It makes it easier to find people with common interests. I am looking forward to your money saving tips. Thanks for being here :)

      Barb, Diabetic Snacker said...

      Just dropping by from my blog party! I subscribe by rss google reader. If there's a giveaway count me in!

      furygirl3132 said...

      Hello, just stopping by from the UBP10 to say hello and I am a new follower. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the party!


      Christi said...

      Hi! Stopping in from the UBP. I have two boys that are 20 months apart - the youngest is turning one this week. It has been wonderful (usually, haha!) having them so close together like this. Best wishes for a great rest of your pregnancy!

      SH said...

      Visiting from the UBP ! Love to save ! hope you'll stop by !

      Calico Crazy said...

      Dropping by through UBP10, here's to hopping that baby stays put a few weeks more. I had one at 35 weeks and know that it is scary until you are sure everything is okay. ~ Calico Contemplations

      Over Thirty Mommy said...

      Happy UBP!! I look forward to reading more from you. It is nice to meet new blog friends

      breasmommy said...

      I have a goal to become debt free so now I am following you! Anything you can share to help save money I will so appreciate. Happy UBP! Hope you can visit us at

      Crystal said...

      As a single mom of 2 boys ages 16 and 1, I am always looking for ways to stretch my dollar! Looking forward to great deals and ideas!


      Stephanie said...

      Just stopping in from UBP 2010!!! Joined your following, can't wait to see what you post in the months to come!! Party on ;) *G*


      Peggie said...

      With this economy we all need to be more frugal. Glad to have found you!

      Womens Health said...

      Blog hopping, Happy UBP 2010!!

      annaed_2 said...

      Is it possible to follow you via e-mail? The Google Reader is of no use to me. Let me know if I just missed the link for e-mail. Thanks
      annaed_2 at yahoo do t com

      Jennifer Sikora said...

      I don't think I will ever get through this long list of wonderful bloggers! Stopping by to visit from the UBP. Maybe one day I will get through this list. Hope to chat with you soon! I love your website!


      Come visit me at

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