Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oreos and Mother's Day

Make sure to click on the Facebook fan page for Oreos to play a scratch and save game for their Fudge Cream cookies!  If the link takes you to the main Oreos fan page, click on the tab for Oreo Savings.  Yum!!!

Mother's Day is coming up quickly!  I keep thinking that it would be really cool if this baby stayed in until Mother's Day - what a gift that would be!  How do you plan to spend Mother's Day this year?

Anyway, here are a few deals for Mother's Day.  Start now so you don't find yourself forgetting at the last minute! 


What mother doesn't love fresh flowers?  You can't beat this deal from ProFlowers!

You have a few days left in April to get your free HotPrints photo book.  Make sure to make yours before the month ends and make ANOTHER one for free at the start of May!  No gimmick, just a page of ads slipped in to the front of the free book - very easy to remove (a slip of paper, not a bound photo page) before gifting!


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