Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kroger Triple Coupon Matchups

So - Kroger triples ends on Sunday.  Make sure you print coupons and take advantage of it!  For nearly all coupons, you will be able to print two per computer.  Some coupons can be printed from several different sites so you can print quite a few of each.  Remember to check how many "like" coupons your Kroger allows - mine only allows 3 per transaction.  Also, check out the ecoupons for more savings (,,

Many coupons will say "Do Not Double or Triple."  This phrase is to protect the store from being forced to double or triple.  Most stores ignore this line.  If the  barcode starts with a "5" then it will automatically double or triple unless the store has programmed their computers otherwise.  The manufacturer still only pays face value - the local store eats the double/triple amount.  If the barcode starts with a "9" then it will not automatically double or triple.

Deals of Note:
BC = Betty Crocker

BC Mashed Potato Packets  4/$3 - Save $.50 on one Overage! Each packet is $.75, each coupon triples to $1.50!
BC Potato Boxes (au gratin, etc) $2.09 - Save $.50 on one $.59 each
BC Cake Mix 10/$10 - Save $.50 on two (one cake mix and one frosting) FREE cake mix plus cost of frosting
BC Icing - check for $.25 coupons on tub - I found them on the white icing tubs
BC Warm Delights Singles 2/$4 - Save $.50 on one  $.50 each    
BC Warm Delights Doubles 3/$5 - Save $.50 on one
BC Cookie Mix $2.19 - Save $.40 on one $.99 each
Gold Medal Flour  $1.99 - Save $.75 (does not double or triple, but still a great deal)
Huggies Wipes 64 ct  $2.72  / 3-pack $6.86 - $.50 coupon in recent mailer
Cascade Action Packs $4.88 - $.50 coupon in recent mailer and recent P&G insert
Cascade Complete $6.49 - $.50 coupon in recent mailer and recent P&G insert
Dawn Dish Soap $2.49 - $.50 coupon in recent mailer and recent P&G insert
Downy $5.49 - $.50 coupon in recent mailer and recent P&G insert
Febreeze $4.59 - $.50 coupon in recent mailer and recent P&G insert
Secret Deodorant $1.88 - $.50 coupon in recent mailer and recent P&G insert
Old Spice Deodorant $1.88 - Coupons for free products with purchase of other Old Spice Products in recent P&G insert
Chex Mix 2/$4  Save $.50 on one  $.50 each 
Green Giant Steamers 2/$3 - use two $.50 coupon  for two FREE bags
Pilsbury Crescent Rolls/Cinnamon Rolls/Grands (4 ct. tubes) 3/$4 - Save $.40 on two Cinnamon Rolls, Save $.50 on two Crescent RollsSave $.30 on two Grands
Yoplait Multi-pack Yogurt 2/$4 - Save $.40 on select multi-packs  - $.80 each  
Johnson & Johnson Buddies Soap $.99 - Save $1.00 coupon = FREE

Cellfire/Shorcuts coupons to sweeten the deal (these do not double or triple but work with paper coupons - Shortcuts is opposed to stacking):
  • $.40 Nature Valley Granola Bars
  • $.40/2 Pilsbury Cinnamon Rolls
  • $.50 BC Warm Delights
  • $.40 Fiber One Granola Bars
  • $.40 BC Cookie Mix
  • $.50 Chex Mix
  • $.80/2 Yoplait Yogurt Multi Packs
Other Coupons of Note
$.50 off six Yoplait cups 
$.40 off Nature Valley Granola Bars
$.50 off Land o Lakes Butter with Canola
$.40 off Fiber One Granola Bars
$.50 off Tetley Tea

ShopAtHome Banner

Coupons through ShopAtHome (if you are new to this program, it is a rebate company - as a new member, you automatically get $5 in your account - when your account reaches $20, they mail you a check).  Print these coupons in addition to the coupons linked above.  Make sure to check all the grocery collections - you can print more of the save from various collections.
  • $.50 off Tetley Tea
  • $.50 off Land O Lakes butter with olive oil
  • $.40 off two refrigerated Pilsbury meal breads
  • $.40 off two refrigerated Pilsbury cinnamon rolls
  • $.30 off two refrigerated Pilsbury grands
  • $.50 off two Green Giant boxed vegetables
  • $.40 off BC boxed or bagged potatoes (excluding Potato Buds)
  • $.40 off Nature Valley granola bars
  • $.40 off Fiber One granola bars
  • $.40 off BC cookie mix
  • $.50 off one BC Warm Delights
  • $.50 WYB two BC - one boxed cake mix, one frosting
  • $.40 off Select Yoplait multi packs (kids)
  • $.50 off two Pilsbury crescent rolls
  • $.50 off one Green Giant Steamers
  • $.50 off Chex Mix
  • $.50 off 6 Yoplait cups
  • $1.00 off any Johnson & Johnson Product
  • $.35 off Bob Evans sausage
  • $.40 off any 2lb or more Dominoes Sugar product
Other Coupon Sources:
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