Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Great Deals of the Day - Kroger Game and Facebook Promo Galore plus MORE!

Well, it's been quite a day with specials and deals popping up left and right.  It's a whirlwind, but here we go!

First of all, it's the start of the month, so it's time to print coupons and add coupons to our shopper cards!  Check my coupons tab for a whole list of where to get coupons or use the select links below (more under my tab).

Next up - Kroger!
  • Play this game daily through April (35 days left) and win some great prizes.  I played and won free Kraft Naturals cheese!  Other prizes: California Pizza Kitchen Pizza, 20 oz Coke Zero,  Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs, Basic Lunchables, Kraft Snacking Cheese, Maxwell House coffee, Planters Peanuts, Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, $5 off coupon, PLUS several deli prizes as well!
  • Kroger also has a special mix and match sale going on! Mix and Match 8 participating products for $4 off your order when you use your Kroger card!
  • Lastly, make sure to register your Kroger card online (you need to do this anyway to play the above game) and load electronic Kroger coupons to your card!
  • Oh - one more thing, when you register your Kroger card online, you can select a local charity to benefit from your shopping without costing you a cent.  I chose our local soup kitchen.

Facebook  has some awesome promotions through fan pages!  Check these out!
Other Deals:

Check out this past post to learn how to make a free photo book EACH MONTH!  If you made one in February, it's time to make another free book!  These make great gifts.

This Curves deal could be a great motivator to keep to the new years resolutions!  I'm sorry local readers to say that our local Curves is closing down.

If you have diabetes, it couldn't hurt to check out this offer and see if you qualify for free supplies. As with all offers, I recommend using a secondary email address to keep the main inbox nice and clean.

Have you gotten your entertainment book yet?  What a great deal at 50% off!  One great use is to get a book for a vacation destination so that when you go on vacation this summer, you can save a bundle on dining and other activities!  Grab yours today!


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