Monday, March 1, 2010

Get TWO Free Bags of Cookies!

Hopefully you have become a fan of Nabisco on Facebook and have gotten your coupon (actually, you can print twice for TWO coupons).  If not, check out the details in my earlier post.

Now, the coupon is for one free bag of cookies with the purchase of a gallon of milk and a bag of Nabisco cookies.  A good deal, but not fantastic.  How did I make it fantastic?

Well, my local grocery store, Riesbecks, had coupons attached to the Oreo Cakesters for a FREE box of Cakesters with the purchase of Oreos.  I got my milk.  I got my Cakesters.  I got my Oreos.  I only paid for my milk!

How does this work?  Well, I paid for the Cakesters with the coupon that was attached to it because I had purchased the Oreos.  The store gets paid by Nabisco for the Cakesters.  I used the Facebook coupon to pay for the Oreos since I met the requirements of purchasing a gallon of milk and another bag of cookies.  Once again, the store gets paid for the Oreos by Nabisco.  FREE cookies!

Now, go snag yours!  Keep your eyes peeled at various stores for the free Cakesters coupons!


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