Friday, February 19, 2010

Walmart Clearance 2/19/2010

Hi all! 

I just got back from a wonderful trip OUT OF THE HOUSE with the SUN OUT and everything!  I was able to jot down a few pretty good deals in the clearance section (I found it in the Lawn and Garden area - not the "almost outside area," but close) of toys.  I would have jotted down more, but the little one was trying to eat my coupon binder!

Girl Gourmet cupcake refill  $5.97   $1.00
VSmile VMotion Wall-E game $24.99   $9.00
VSmile VMotion Kung Fu Panda game $24.98   $15.00
Barbie Create the Perfect House  $34.97  $17.00
VTech Smarty Pets  $29.96  $15.00
I-Dog  $29.44   $15.00


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