Monday, February 8, 2010

Ordering Eyeglasses Online

I hate paying a lot for things.  I have put off getting new glasses for SEVEN years because of the expense.  The glasses I currently wear are from the childrens section.  They were once a deep burgundy.  They are now a light pink.  They certainly do not help my efforts to look like a grownup!

Well, I have been doing research about less expensive options.  You see, I am nearly blind.  My glasses are always very expensive.  I went to a super discount place last time and regretted my decision.  I got 2 pair plus eye exam for $99.  One pair had the wrong prescription but I could do nothing about it (I wore the other pair too long and missed my window), so I basically got one pair for $99.  That's not a bad deal, but the quality leaves a bit to be desired.

Enter Zenni Optical.  This company is the one that I have heard the most positive reviews about.  Everyone I talked to said that they were quite pleased.  The only issue has been that the color of the frames may be slightly off due to how they appear on the computer screen.

I jumped in and ordered!  It took a little while to find frames that would fit my face that I also really liked, but I just ordered a pair for $8 (lenses and frames) plus $4.95 shipping!

Check back tomorrow for more information about how this all works!


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