Sunday, February 7, 2010

Money Minute - Good Deals

First off, I have changed a BUNCH of stuff on this site and will be changing some more.  Please check out yesterday's post with some explanation and please feel free to leave comments or email me with input!

Now, onto our Money Minute.

Deals.  I get sucked into them so easily!  When I first started using coupons, I saved a TON by finding all these great deals but I hadn't budgeted for those extras!   The one thing I have learned over this past nearly year of deal hunting -


It is indeed a very rare deal that doesn't come back at some point.  As you peruse the circulars and get all excited about inexpensive Pepsi, remember that it will be inexpensive again in just a couple months (if even that long), so if you didn't budget for a stockup, don't blow your budget on a deal! 

It ceases to be a deal when you are paying bank overdraft fees!


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