Saturday, February 6, 2010

All Sorts of New Stuff

Hi all!  I hope you are faring well if you've been hit by this snow storm!  We got a little over 10" of snow over a happy layer of ice.  Thankfully, Hubby was able to go out this afternoon to get us an "aimer flamer" because our power was out for most of the day and I realized I can't light any candles or light our stove without one!  He saved the day!  Anyway....

I wanted to take a quick moment to point out some new things on this blog.  First of all, I added tabs to stand-alone pages right under my header.   I am organizing a lot of "how-to" information there.  Please be patient!  It should be mostly complete in a couple weeks!  I am also revamping what is going on in my sidebars so they aren't so cluttered.  I have been asked to be an affiliate for a few new companies, so check out those links (pictures on the left) to see some great deals they are offering!

I also joined a network of blogging women called The Secret is in the Sauce or SITS.  I am excited to learn more about blogging and networking!  If you are new to blogging or looking to grow your blog, check it out!  I have a button on the right hand side of the page.  I'm linking up to It's a Hodge Podge Life from SITS as I continue learning!  Check out her cool page!

I have a quick beg - please let me know how this new format is working for you!  Feel free to leave a comment or email me through the address listed in my ABOUT page.  I'd love to know what information would be helpful to have.  This blog is transitioning from just listing deals to TEACHING about how to shop and save money and manage household finances.  I'd love input so I can work toward what would be most helpful to YOU!

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Confessions From A Working Mom said...

How exciting that you've joined SITS! You'll love it, it's a great network of women (and a few men, too!) that can really help you grow your blog.

Thanks for the visit and comment earlier! The product that's helping my daughter get to sleep is actually part of a review for my blog; I'll be posting that review on Saturday (I know, I am such a tease!), and I'll also be offering my readers a discount on ALL products from that company. We own several, and I whole-heartedly love them ALL.

I hope you'll stop back to visit next Saturday... and I know you post discounts on your blog, you're more than welcome to post mine once it goes live :)

Your son is beautiful, and your new blog design is clean and effective. It looks great!

Confessions From A Working Mom

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