Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Earn Money with Twitter

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Do you tweet?  I'm just learning how to use it.  I get mixed up with all the symbols and such.  I need a middle schooler to teach me how!  That's how I learned how to text on my cell phone!  A student of mine taught me!  Haha!

Anyway, if you use Twitter, you can actually make money with it.  I just signed up for Sponsored Tweets and wanted to let you know that this program is out there.  It does not just randomly tweet people.  If you have over 100 followers, you can set your price per tweet and select advertisers.  If you have under 100 followers (and have been on twitter more than 60 days),  advertisers may contact you.  You can accept or decline so you won't just be randomly spamming your friends.

Hey, it's worth checking out!  Click here to learn more about this interesting program.

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Macey said...

I signed up under you-hope you get credit. We'll see how it all works

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