Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kraft Coupons, Scholastic Sale, Kroger Perks, KMart Super Doubles, and MORE

Whew!  What a whirlwind day!  We got a call last night from good friends from college who live quite far away. It turns out they are somewhat close and are driving to our house as we speak!  We haven't seen them in at least 4 years!  Woohoo!  They'll be here for dinner through breakfast tomorrow morning. 

It seems as though my morning sickness has been in high gear these past couple weeks and couple that with a toddler and a non-functioning washing machine and, well, you have a royal disaster as a house.  I've spent the past two days getting laundry caught up so it isn't literally hanging everywhere.  I've started finding the floor in most rooms!

Here are a few quick deals I found today that may interest you.  I have one question for all of you first though - have you had any problem finding the "free after rebate" items at your local Rite Aid?  I haven't found the higher dollar ones in several months now and I asked a chashier today.  I was searching specifically for the Benevia (a $2 moneymaker with coupon).  She said they searched all morning and realized that none came on the truck.  Hmm....  how can that be - each time there is a rebate offer....  even the hangtag is gone and it was there just a week or so ago. 



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