Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Stove Cleaning Tip

I saw a great tip on TV the other day, probably on Good Morning America.  This tip is great for being safe in the kitchen as well as saving money on appliances!  If you have a gas stove, you MUST try this.

Here is my stove.   It's ancient.  It's dirty.  I could get it a little cleaner, but I'm a mom.  I have more pressing issues.  Note the tiny holes where the gas comes out. (I am purposely being technical here)

Those little holes can get clogged with gunk and cause uneven cooking and extra energy costs.  If they get really gunky, they become a happy little fire hazard.  How do I clean them?

Go get a pin.  Any old pin will do.  Here's my pin.  Pretty, eh?  Note to reader - do not get this color countertop - it is a nightmare to keep clean!

Now, take that little pin and poke it in those teeny holes.  The pin lets you get all the gunk out of the all important tiny holes!

Repeat this procedure for all burners - it really only takes a minute.

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Meghan said...

I also have an ancient gas stove (and those impossible to keep clean white counter tops). I will be trying this tip. Thanks!

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