Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Blog Spinoff

In light of how I have struggled to adjust to my new role as an at home wife and mother, I have "birthed" a new blog. You see, I am a teacher to the core. I am a terrible student. I was a bossy child. I was (and am) always right - just ask me! Anyway, I learn best through teaching. Weird, I know.

With all that in mind, I just couldn't NOT write this other blog. I still love my deals and coupons, but growing in my role as a godly wife and mother is of greater importance. God laid this blog on my heart. I will be posting deals here still - most likely daily. I will still post most link-ups here. I have too much to say that is making the Penny Pinching Penguin blog jumbled and not as effective as it could be.

Come join me on my new blog. If you desire to rediscover domesticity, come on over and take baby steps with me!


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