Thursday, September 3, 2009


I saw this post on Rocks in My Dryer and thought it looked like fun! Join in if you'd like! Copy and paste and either leave as a comment or post on your blog. Leave a comment so I can read your post!

How long were your labors?

Just one so far - 13 hours

How did you know you were in labor?

Water broke just hours after clearing our weekend plans so we could have one last sleep-fest before Baby arrived. He was 4 weeks early. We haven't slept since.

Where did you deliver?

In the hospital. I had initially wanted a birthing center but was quite thankful for the hospital after some complications.


Became ok with an epidural by 6 months when I was tired of constant back spasms that kept getting worse. Waited to get epidural - couldn't wait very long after pitocin kicked in.


No, although we came close. Baby's heart rate kept plummeting into the 60's. Turns out Baby's hand was up by his ear like he was on the telephone and I just couldn't push him out. Thank God for those nifty vacuums!

Who delivered?

My doc. She's great. I thought, however, that my mom would push her aside and take over! I am considering a different doctor and hospital for the next one though mainly because of hospital policies. I want to be able to walk around during labor, not be confined to the bed. I want the option of my baby rooming in with me. I will say that this was the best place for me to deliver this time since I was so freaked out with the early birth!


Laura said...

Cute picture! Thanks for sharing your story.

Jennifer said...

I'm with you about the awful pitocin!!! Good luck with the next one being all natural.

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