Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Great Target Trip

Well, we had to go out today to return some pants that didn't fit Hubby. It just so happens that JC Penney is right next to Target. It also happens that I had several Target coupon books with me.... Here's how it all shook out.

I got:
1 40-count Target brand diapers
1 37-count Huggies diapers
1 Johnsons Baby Powder
1 2-pack Gerber spoons (for Baby's self feeding adventures)
1 Gerber puffs
1 Gerber crunchies
3 Glade candle tins
1 Johnson & Johnsons travel first aid kit

Total = $38.09

I used:
$5/$25 Baby product purchase Target coupon
$1 off Target diapers
$1.50 off Huggies diapers Manufacturer coupon
$1.50 off Huggies diapers Target coupon
$1.00 off Johnson baby powder Manufacturer coupon
$1.00 off any Johnson baby toiletry product Target coupon
$1.00 off Gerber feeding product manufacturer coupon
$1.00 off Gerber feeding product Target coupon
3 $1.50 off Glade candle tins (on sale for $1.66 each) (coupons found INSIDE the tins)
$.55 off Gerber snack manufacturer coupon
$1.00 off Gerber snack Target coupon
$1.00 Johnson & Johnson bandage product (excludes trial size but not TRAVEL kit that is $.99)

Total after coupons came to $13.10. I paid with a $10 gift card from Baby's last prescription (from coupon in recent circular) and $3.10 cash. Not too bad for 2 packs of diapers plus a bunch of other stuff! I could have done a little better. There is a Gerber bottle for $.99. The Target coupon for $1.00 off Gerber feeding product would work on this (and automatically adjust down for no overage). Also, there is supposedly a small bar of baby soap that would be free after the J&J toiletry coupon. I am happy though!

Oh - I am also submitting my receipt for a $.75 rebate from Caregivers Marketplace for the Huggies diapers!

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Erika Mecherle said...

You are off the charts, woman! Isn't it amazing how we're all gifted differently? We represent the varied aspects of God. You are definitely the waste-less reflection of him. I the all-natural, chemical-free reflection. haha.

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