Friday, August 7, 2009


I had a wonderful evening. It was quiet and I was alone - sort of.

We've been having a really rough two weeks with Baby teething. I spoke with the doctor today to make sure he didn't have an ear infection or something else that needed treatment. Doc said it is just teething. Watching Baby move his tongue around the top gums confirmed it - teething. Two weeks of waking every 45 mins to 2 hours all night long. Last night, he slept 4 one-hour stretches and then was up from 1 - 5am just writhing around in pain in my arms and then playing contentedly on the floor for a half hour (he even learned to brush my hair!). After that painful stretch, he had a couple more one-hour stretches. Hubby has been a great help by taking the morning shift and doing breakfast while I catch up on some sleep.

Anyway, during this rough patch, it has been rare for me to have any time of quiet rest - time to just pull away and listen. Listen for that still, small voice of God speaking to my heart.

Tonight I made a deal with Hubby. Baby was not going down for a nap for me. Hubby was staining the deck. I said "trade you!" He agreed! Baby slept over an hour and then played with Daddy. I got to do easy manual labor in a quiet backyard. It was good for my heart and good for my soul.

Have you had quiet lately?

We'll be out of town tomorrow. We're taking Baby to his first amusement park! We'll be driving about 2 hours - stopping at my parents' on the way to pick them up (and to drop off the dog) since we are going for my father's company picnic. I am excited to see a lot of childhood friends that I have not seen since leaving for college nearly 15 years ago! Pictures will be posted! Deals will resume quite soon!


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